Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Urban Oasis

What can you do in and out of our hotel?

A week away from it all, a romantic weekend, a few days’ relaxation… At our 5-star hotel in Palma de Mallorca you can spoil yourself as you deserve. Located in a 16th-century grand town house, at our hotel in Palma you’ll be able to switch off and let the peace and tranquillity restore you. Discover the urban oasis inside the Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, in the very heart of Palma de Mallorca, with the best beaches, historical monuments, shopping areas and art galleries just a short step away.

A cocktail on the terrace looking out on Mallorca Cathedral and Palma Bay; a private massage in the Mediterranean Room; tea time in the Monet Kitchen; leisure time in the haimas (tents) on our terrace beneath Palma’s azure sky; a circuit of the Wellness & Spa Suite to soothe your body and mind; a romantic dinner watching the sun go down; a winter’s evening reading by the hearth; or breakfast in our inner courtyard with the relaxing gurgle of water in the background.

All this and more is possible at Palacio Ca sa Galesa, one of the luxury hotels in Spain best able to help you balance body and mind.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Tranquility and privacy

Relax and take it easy while enjoying your privacy.

Our hotel’s strength is that it gives personal service amidst beautiful and amazingly tranquil surroundings, inviting you to relax and take it easy far from the madding crowd: enjoy reading in our library, relaxing in the haimas, having tea in our private garden, or any of the hotel’s services in the privacy of your room.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Terrace with pool, sunbeds and haimas

Have a rest, take in the splendid views of Palma Bay, feel the sea breeze riffling your skin… All at once if you like.

These are just some of the joys in store for you on the terrace of the Palacio Ca sa Galesa. Lie on the sunbeds, enjoy the invigorating water of the pool, or reconnect with your inner self in our haimas. Or, if you prefer, ask to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner served on the terrace.

Imagine having Mallorca Cathedral almost within touching distance and the city at your feet. That’s how it will be for you while you’re enjoying the water of the terrace pool of our hotel in Mallorca. And there’s no better way to feel on top of the world than lying on a sunbed within sight of the sea and forgetting that time exists.

On the terrace of the Palacio Ca Sa Galesa Hotel you’ll also find a selection of Haimas where you can relax really deeply, feeling as if you’re in a little world of your own. All the haimas at our hotel are equipped with a multimedia tower, so you’ll lack for nothing during your leisure time, in the open air and shielded from the sun’s rays.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Private in-room whirlpool

Private whirlpool and bath menu, a tonic for your inner self while you enjoy a relaxing and stimulating bath in your room.

What we want most is for you to feel good throughout your stay at our 5-star hotel in Mallorca. So, if relaxing and switching off is what you want to do, at our spa hotel you’ll find that your room has a private whirlpool and bath menu, to give your inner self a tonic while you enjoy a relaxing and stimulating bath in your room.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Eating with the best views

The perfect setting to dine any day and enjoy wonderful views.

Start your day in the best possible way, as you enjoy breakfast on the terrace overlooking the bay of Palma de Mallorca, the historic city center and the Cathedral of Mallorca. The perfect setting to start any day.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Fully-featured Spa and Treatments

A place in which to find yourself again and experience new sensations, where you’ll be able to discover the harmony that comes from pleasurable feelings and a serene mind. Its ambience is one of re-vamped elegance, the perfect synthesis of the classical and intimistic style blended with the latest spa-circuit technology. The best possible combination for your body and mind. Discover our comprehensive treatment list.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa


Music, works of art, antiques in a historic grand townhouse that dates from the 16th century. A museum-hotel concept with all the comforts of the 21st century.

Everything at our hotel is designed to ensure that you enjoy your stay to the full. We love culture and we’re nuts about art. So, all the guest rooms in our hotel are unique and different, and each one is dedicated to a famous musician from our history. In them you’ll find the best equipment we could get our hands on and the most exclusive services, which make the Palacio Ca sa Galesa Hotel one of Mallorca’s most characterful luxury hotels.

Our walls are hung with highly valuable works of art by the likes of Miró, Calder and Bennàssar.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Bicycle rides

Our hotel offers you the free use of pleasure-riding bicycles.

Palma is an ideal city for riding a bike in, not only because of its size but also because there are hardly any gradients. A ride along the cycle track next to the sea is an ideal and relaxing way to start your day while on holiday. Or if you prefer, explore our city’s hidden secrets with a tour of the Old Town’s streets. Our hotel offers you the free use of pleasure-riding bicycles.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Experiences for your leisure time

Museums, opera, theatre, the best stores, the most varied cuisine and sports facilities to enjoy during your stay in our city.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa Hotel is much more than a place to stay. We want you to enjoy your holiday with us to the full, and our staff will be delighted to give you whatever information you’d like about the numerous leisure and recreational opportunities that our city holds out to you.

Our hotel is ideally placed for the city’s cultural life, leisure facilities and shows: museums, opera, theatre, the best stores, the most varied cuisine and with the beach and marinas just a short step away.

If you prefer outdoor pursuits, we invite you to start the day with a running session along the top of the town wall and along the seashore. What’s more, the city’s very well connected with the rest of the island, so you’ll be able to go orienteering, rambling, Nordic walking or cycle touring, and visit the charming villages in the Tramuntana mountains in the twinkling of an eye.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

We love animals

We have everything your pets will need in order to enjoy their stay at our pet-friendly hotel.

We too treat a pet like a member of the family. At the Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, your pets (weighing up to 6 kg.) are welcome and we’ll look after them as well as we do you; they can look forward to a relaxing and comfortable stay at our pet-friendly hotel.

You can ask reception for any further information you might like about specific services for guests with pets, along with leisure pursuits suitable for you and your pet.

Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Private Car Park

We have a private car park for our guests’ use to make coming and going easy for you.

Being able to come and go as you please makes for a pleasant and carefree stay. As a guest at our establishment, you can drive unrestrictedly around Palma’s Old Town. What’s more, in this residents-only area we want to save you the hassle of finding somewhere to park, so for €19 per day we offer you a space in our private car park.