Urban oasis

Palacio Ca Sa Galesa Moments

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Terrace with pool, sunbeds and haimas

These are just some of the joys in store for you on the terrace of the Palacio Ca sa Galesa. Lie on the sunbeds, enjoy the invigorating water of the pool, or reconnect with your inner self in our haimas. Or, if you prefer, ask to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner served on the terrace. Imagine having Mallorca Cathedral almost within touching distance and the city at your feet. That’s how it will be for you while you’re enjoying the water of the terrace pool of our hotel in Mallorca. And there’s no better way to feel on top of the world than lying on a sunbed within sight of the sea and forgetting that time exists. On the terrace of the Palacio Ca Sa Galesa Hotel you’ll also find a selection of Haimas where you can relax really deeply, feeling as if you’re in a little world of your own. All the haimas at our hotel are equipped with a multimedia tower, so you’ll lack for nothing during your leisure time, in the open air and shielded from the sun’s rays.