Urban Oasis

What can you do in and out of our hotel?

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A week away from it all, a romantic weekend, a few days’ relaxation... At our 5-star hotel in Palma de Mallorca you can spoil yourself as you deserve. Located in a 16th-century grand town house, at our hotel in Palma you’ll be able to switch off and let the peace and tranquillity restore you. Discover the urban oasis inside the Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, in the very heart of Palma de Mallorca, with the best beaches, historical monuments, shopping areas and art galleries just a short step away.

A cocktail on the terrace looking out on Mallorca Cathedral and Palma Bay; a private massage in the Mediterranean Room; tea time in the Monet Kitchen; leisure time in the haimas (tents) on our terrace beneath Palma’s azure sky; a circuit of the Wellness & Spa Suite to soothe your body and mind; a romantic dinner watching the sun go down; a winter’s evening reading by the hearth; or breakfast in our inner courtyard with the relaxing gurgle of water in the background. All this and more is possible at Palacio Ca sa Galesa, one of the luxury hotels in Spain best able to help you balance body and mind.