Alqvimia Treatments


Today we want to talk about our Wellness Spacio Ca Sa Galesa and especially about the Alqvimia treatments we offer.

Enjoying exclusive and high quality treatments in a beauty salon or spa is a luxury, a real treat for the senses that can offer perfectly Alqvimia.

Alqvimia treatments find the fundamental elements to pamper you as you deserve: Alqvimia products line, with 100% natural ingredients and organic. Treatments are based on the combination of the ancient alchemical wisdom and the best cosmetics. The ideal formula to help you balance, energize or soothe your body, mind and soul.

The experts in these treatments say that through them you can experience the feeling of power, purity and beauty. Your senses will be delighted and touched in a new way.

You can enjoy our Wellness area, an inspired atmosphere reflecting a renewed classic, luxurious, relaxed and comfortable colors. It has a cohesive classic style with the latest technology in the Spa circuit. The key elements are to treat and pamper Alqvimia products.

A cosmetic that care only the outside is not enough... we want more.

Alqvimia Spa Method is a holistic system of work that acts on the 3 bodies of the individual: physical, energetic and mental, achieving welfare objectives of Man and Woman of the XXI century.

The treatments are based on two fundamental points:

  1. In the polarity yin and yang (the tendency toward the feminine body or to the masculine) that allows our energy balance and body.

  2. In the calculation of biological age which measures the ability of cell regeneration, showing the actual state of the whole body. Once you know the energy state of the body, a personalized treatment of harmonization of energy along with maintenance at home with the best cosmetics suited to your needs.