Booking conditions


These terms and conditions are applicable to bookings processed through the booking platform (from herein on the “website”) and constitute a contract between you (hereinafter “The Client”) and:

Registered office: Carrer Miramar, 8,
 07001 Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.
Fiscal ID no.. B57500159
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Email address: reservas(a) (change “(a)” for “@”)

The request and the processing of bookings on this website suppose the full and unconditional acceptance of the Legal Note, Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy of our website with the, together with the room rate conditions and the latest version of the General Booking Condition. For this reason, we recommend you read these conditions before you request or confirm your booking, as well as every time you visit our website, as we reserve the right to change, modify, add to or delete part of these general Conditions at any time.


These General Booking Conditions are subject to the provisions of Spanish Law 7/1998, dated April 13th, regarding the General Conditions of Contracts, the Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, dated November 16th, by which the reworded text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users was approved, in addition to other complementary laws: Law 34/2002, dated July 11th, regulating Information Society Services and E-Commerce, as well as all pertinent tourism legislation and secondarily the Spanish Civil Code and Code of Commerce.


The confirmation of bookings on the website is subject to the following clauses:

1. Declarations: The user declares:

a) He/ she is of legal age and has full legal capacity to confirm the booking, stating that he/she understands and comprehends all the conditions that are to be found on the website.

b) That the details supplied in the course of making the booking are correct and complete.

c) That he/she confirms the booking as requested, especially the dates indicated and the number of guests.

2. Website Access: Access to this website is at the liability of the User

3. Booking:

3.1. The services included in the booking are itemized in accordance with the rate conditions set out on the page from which the booking was requested or confirmed. You will have to accept these special conditions, as well as the current general conditions before the booking is confirmed. The contract may be formalised in Spanish and in all the other languages available on the website. In the event of there being discrepancies between the translated versions of the current conditions, the version in Spanish shall prevail.

3.2. The user accepts that PALACIO CA SA GALESA accepts no obligation or liability whatsoever with respect to those services it does not provide directly, in particular with respect to any lack of truthfulness, the incomplete nature of or failure to update and/or the imprecision of data or information about special offers, prices, features or any other relevant data or information whatsoever about products or services offered by external providers that can be booked through the website. Likewise, PALACIO CA SA GALESA shall be excused of all liability derived from the failure or partial failure of such providers to fulfil the obligations entered into as the result of contractual commitments or the law currently in force.

3.3. Online bookings: The process of completing online bookings consists of the following stages: Stage 1 : Availability.
Stage 2 : Personal details and payment. The booking will be completed in this stage. Stage 3 : Confirmation of the booking.
Unless the rate conditions state otherwise, the booking shall not be considered to be finalised until the quoted price has been paid

3.4. Bookings on request: For services that can only be booked on request, unless the rate conditions state otherwise, a mere request for availability shall not suppose the completion of the booking, this being subject to the fulfilment of the requirements indicated on the site from which the request is made, in addition to its confirmation by PALACIO CA SA GALESA.

3.5. At each stage of the booking, any possible errors made when entering your details can be corrected by using your browser’s Back button. Additionally, the dates of the booking will be repeated on the voucher. Should users detect any errors they can request PALACIO CA SA GALESA to make the appropriate corrections.

When the booking process has been completed the client will receive his/her corresponding voucher by email

4. Price and payment:

4.1. The conditions, the price of the services and the accepted payment methods are those that are expressly set out in the website from which you make the booking.

The Client expressly authorises PALACIO CA SA GALESA to debit the amounts stated in the rate conditions, so accepting that the credit card details that he/she has supplied are to be used to pay for the booking.

4.2. Promotions and special offers will only be valid during the period that they are accessible to the recipients of the service.

4.3. Unless otherwise indicated, the prices set out in the website are the final end-user price and include VAT. The transaction shall be carried out in EUROS, wherever the client may be from.

5. Bookings changes or cancellations: The conditions applied to booking changes or cancelations are established in the rate conditions set out on the website from which the booking is requested or completed. Any difference between the amount paid at the time of making the booking and the corresponding penalty fee shall be repaid to the client.

6. Right of withdrawal: Under the provisions of article no. 97.1.i) of Spanish Royal Decree RDL 1/2007, you are informed that, in accordance with article 103 i) of the same Royal Decree, the Right of Withdrawal does not apply.

7. Nullity of the clauses: If any of the clauses of the general conditions was to be declared fully or partially null or void, this would only affect this provision or the part of it that had been revoked, whilst everything else in these general conditions would remain in force and only this provision, or the relevant part of it, should be taken to have no effect.

8. Acceptance:Both booking requests and confirmations imply therewith full and express acceptance on your part of each and every one of the present general conditions, considered as they are to be an integral part of the booking, in conjunction with the rate conditions and the relevant applicable legislation.

9. Governing Law and Competent Jurisdiction: This Agreement shall be governed by Spanish law, excluding its conflict of laws provisions, without prejudice to the rights granted to consumers in questions of jurisdictional competence by the Spanish Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, dated November 16th. Any disagreement that might arise from the use of the website or services linked to it shall be submitted to the jurisdiction and competence of the appropriate Courts and Tribunals serving the registered office of PALACIO CA SA GALESA, with the client expressly waiving any other jurisdiction or venue that might apply.