Feel the benefits of having a jacuzzi in the room with Palacio Ca Sa Galesa


- Healthy Skin

One of the benefits of highly chlorinated fresh water in a spa jacuzzi is the drying of the skin. Salt water in contrast has a smoothing effect. Salt is a common ingredient in many health care products. In the case of Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, having this exclusive service in the client’s room allows the client to enjoy the experience by either using salt water or the amount of chlorine he/she desires. Relaxing, romantic, energizing and complementing all of the aforementioned benefits.

- Articulation Pain Relief

Hot salt water jacuzzis especially those with whirlpool functionality like those we offer at Hotel Palacio Ca Sa Galesa can be used to relieve physical or mental tension. The hot water will alleviate the muscular tension while the water jet streams massage and relax the muscles. Athletes often use jacuzzis because of their muscle restoring benefits but this is not only limited to athletes, anyone can use them to relax.

Of the hotels located in Palma de Mallorca only Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, offers the possibility to enjoy a jacuzzi in the privacy of your room complementing this service with other services of Wellness-Spa, therapeutic massages and ALQVIMIA hand beautifying services all while being one of the most exclusive hotels with spa in Mallorca due to the environment filled with personality, exclusivity, luxury and history.

Enjoy the blossoming almond trees that Mallorca offers. Enjoy a walk on the edge of the sea on the promenade and indulge yourself with the aroma the sea wind carries all while taking in the energizing sunlight of Mallorca.

As a 5 star Mallorca hotel During all of March we offer you the possibility of enjoying the private jacuzzi as a complementary service to your booking, guaranteeing you the best price.